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  • Flu Vaccination Facilities at LKS

Flu Vaccination Facilities at LKS

Greetings from Lok Kalyan Samiti! 

We are happy to announce the introduction of Adult Immunization Programme with the launch of Influenza virus vaccine in our medical OPD services at Sucheta Bhawan (near ITO),Nand Nagri and Chakkarpur (Gurugram).

The vaccination against influenza virus induced FLU offers about a year’s immunity against the virus, which is usually present in air from September to March. The infection from this virus causes high fever and severe body aches. In some cases it takes upto 15 days to recover. In contrast a vaccinated person is saved from this misery and even if the symptoms occur, these are mild.

In the backdrop of the benefits of the flu vaccine for the individual as well as the protection of communities by preventing the spread of the virus, we have decided to offer the vaccine at a nominal cost. We believe such a service will help many people in the prevention from seasonal flu and keep their productivity unaffected.  

Especially, the provision of this vaccine will be of tremendous value in terms of upkeep of general health and no loss of wages to the marginalized and menial workers, who form the bulk of our beneficiary patients.

The Charges of Flu Vaccine are as follows:

Sno  Service 
1 Flu Vaccine Injection for Adults 
2 Flu Vaccine Injection for Child (Under 3 Years)


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