Nand Nagri Centre

The Nand Nagri Centre is in the vicinity of one of the largest resettlement colonies in East Delhi. The centre was set up for slum dwellers and offers community development programmes like educational program for children and several vocational training courses for youth. Classroom conditions have been enriched by providing more teaching aids to teachers. A library has also been setup as an additional facility for children.

Co-curricular activities aimed at nurturing the knowledge and talent among children are also a high priority for us. A year-long Activity Calendar has been devised and the Centre functions accordingly. The Calendar includes a host of activities, like celebrations of all important national and religious occasions, painting & essay competitions, debates, educational tours and participation in youth & children festivals. Music, drama, dance, folk songs, fancy dress competitions, street plays, making of greeting cards, pot painting etc. are some of the other holistic development areas that have become part of a child’s life and that of library at LKS.

Community Services

The LKS centre has kept the communication channels with the community open through parent meetings, self-help groups, community volunteers, community service programs, workshops on improving quality of life and campaigns against social evils. The children coming out are ambassadors of hope and goodwill.

Vocational Training

The other major program at the centre is vocational training in various disciplines like computer training, typing, shorthand & craft; cutting and tailoring has emerged as one of the popular attractions for young women as it now offers training on automatic machines. All these activities are aimed at helping poor youth especially women, to stand on their feet and earn supplementary income. The centre also offers courses in dyeing of fabrics, embroidery, oil & pot painting, handicrafts and knitting.

Medical Services

Daily OPD facilities for Eye as well as general health care are at the centre. Weekly immunization of children, participation in government’s pulse polio programmes, OPD camps and referral service is also part of activities carried out at the Centre.

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