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  • Shri Ramesh Gupta

Shri Ramesh Gupta

SHRI. RAMESH GUPTA Born in 1941 and educated at Hindu College and FMS, Delhi. Mr. Gupta serves as the Chairman of Asian Directory Publishers Association, a body of 17 directory publishers countries from Asia Pacific Region including Telstra,, Indonesia Telecom, Hongkong Telecom and others. He is also CMD Tej Quebecor Printing Limited, a directory printing plant in collaboration with one of the largest printers in the world Quebecor World Inc., Canada. A poet, he holds membership of several important committees including Press Council of India, All India Newspaper Editors Conference, the Free Ads Paper International Association and the Yellow Pages Publishers Association of USA, etc. As President- Mr. Gupta provides leadership and guidance to activities of LKS.


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