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Don’t let your body pains to take a toll on your life, try physiotherapy

Physiotherapy techniques were used as far back as 460BC, when early physicians such as Hippocrates practiced elements of Physiotherapy like manual therapy and massage.  Physiotherapy has been developing since then to become what it is today… a science evolved from evidence based research. The yogic system of India, which is based on meditation and physical postures (asnas) / exercises, has also added to the understanding of using exercises including breathing exercises into various curative systems possibly to physiotherapy after it became world famous.      

Nobody Should Suffer From Preventable Oral Diseases

Good oral health is vital to good overall health. The mouth reflects general health and well-being. But not many people pay heed to oral hygiene and results are that oral health has become a big challenge for India.

National Oral Health Survey conducted in 2005 by Indian Dental Association (IDA) highlighted dental disparities have increased. Rural Indians are our most vulnerable citizens. The grim reality in India is, that 95% of the population suffers from gum disease, only 50% use a toothbrush and just 2% of the population visit the dentist.

Diabetes: Now catching up with rural India as well

India is known for many good things world over, but in some respects it is well-known for not so good things. We may not like it but India has become the world’s diabetes capital. While there are many diseases such as polio, cancer, and AIDS prevailing in the country, diabetes is by far the most dangerous as it is capable of causing problems to various organs in the body and is also capable of causing cardiovascular diseases.


India is the diabetes capital of the world!

(Source: Times of India, January 2016)


What is Diabetes?


Eye Care with Lok Kalyan Samiti

Most of my patients always do better when they have someone with perfect sight to encourage them by their example or advice wrote William H Bates, M.D way back in 1922, in Better Eyesight magazine (July 1922 edition)

Reasons to Donate to an NGO like Lok Kalyan Samiti

Have you ever seen the contentment in a child’s eye after a good meal? Have you ever seen the joy of a father when his children go to school? Have you ever wanted to help someone but couldn’t figure out how?

       “We make a living by what we get.

        We make a life by what we give.”

                ― Winston S. Churchill


The Problems Faced by Rural Indians

Tragedy of Farming

Illiteracy: How You Can Battle It With Lok Kalyan Samiti

Over the last two decades, there has been an upsurge in the field of science, technology, medicine, and other industries. We owe it to education and the resources that are available to us. However, the fact is that this education is a privilege to some but a luxury to some others. Census data shows that nearly 41 percent of the country’s population is below 20 years of age.

(Source: FirstPost)

One of the best NGOs - LOK KALYAN SAMITI

We may have seen non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, old-age rest homes, and orphanages but Lok Kalyan Samiti is entirely different. Any NGO starts with one bright idea from someone who intends on changing the world with a right action. We might say that our activities are only a drop in the ocean, but as Mother Teresa said,

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

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