Chakkarpur Centre

LKS in the course of its public welfare journey, spread its social services to rural areas as well. In the late 1970s LKS commenced its ambitious rural development work in ten villages of Gurgaon and provided mobile medical care services, eye care services, health awareness campaigns, child care and development, nursery school, women empowerment through vocational training, and rehabilitation of weaker sections and disabled persons.

Impressed by dedicated and selfless charitable public services provided to the villagers, the local Panchayats supported LKS whole heartedly. In 1980, one farmer from the Chakkarpur village donated a piece of land for LKS campus in the area. The present building stands on this land. Over a period of time, Chakkarpur Centre, Gurgaon has become a hub of medical assistance to the people of the area especially for neighbouring villagers, migrant labourers and menial workers of the emerging metropolis.

OPD Services

The medical facility at the centre offers almost all specialties OPD like ENT, Gynaecologist, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Dermatology, General Physician, Dental, Eye Care OPD, Homeopathy, etc. It also provides laboratory testing procedures, X-Ray diagnosis and has a minor OT for carrying out minor surgical and other procedures. On an average, there are more than 350 beneficiaries per day. Immunization Programme under Haryana Government is a regular feature on 18th of every month.

Physiotherapy Unit

A well-equipped and modern Physiotherapy Centre is functional since 2000 under qualified and experienced physiotherapists and is supported by orthopedic surgeon. The success rate in terms of providing relief to patients is very high.

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