Eye Care

Cataract removal Surgery camps

Started way back in 1975, the Eye Care Program at Lok Kalyan Samiti is an enduring success. Under this program, LKS conducts free surgery camps for cataract patients after due screening and investigated process. The program is administered by a team of experienced ophthalmologists and trained support staff. A fully-equipped 40-bed hospital with an Operation Theatre hosts patients operated in a day-long camps twice a week. Cataract surgeries are performed free of charge.

Phacoemulsification method of cataract surgery has been restarted on a routine basis from January 2013. This is indeed a milestone in our journey of the ‘Eye Sight’ Restoration Program. Phacoemulsification procedure is a modern cataract surgery in which the eye’s internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic hand piece and aspirated from the eye.

Refractive Corrections

All LKS centres provide eye OPD clinics, where in-bound patients are screened and investigated for various eye related problems and illnesses like Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetes-related eye problems. However, a majority of them are cases of refractive errors refractive errors needing spectacles and evaluation of visual impairment. After due evaluation, those needing specs are provided it free. A free supply of spectacles is made possible by some benevolent donors.


The hospital facility includes one Operation theatre, one 40 bed ward and all the necessary diagnostic and surgical tools and machinery like: Microscopes, slit lamp, Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO), YAG Laser, Retinoscopes and refraction boxes, Auto Ref. Keratometer, Pulse Oximeter and BPL BI- Phasic Defibrillator with printer.

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