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In this article, you will find all the information about Lok Kalyan Samiti's Sponsor a child in India program if you are looking to Donate for Child Education in India.

The Story Behind Sponsor a Child Program

In 1975, more than two lakh people from various slums were relocated and resettled in Nand Nagri and adjoining areas. Always at the forefront of community and public service, Lok Kalyan Samiti, took a decision to serve these people and opened a center primarily to address healthcare, sanitation and education needs of these people.

We were among the pioneering voluntary organizations to work in the area and have since continued our association and presence there.

As our volunteers of those years put it, “we used to walk through dirt, water logged lanes and by lanes covering our mouth with handkerchiefs bumping into many a drug addicts, drunkards, gamblers and other horrifying experiences. But we knocked at each household, reached out to most of them, and remained patient and persistent. At that time school education offered by Lok Kalyan Samiti was the only learning avenue in the area and it was a challenge to succeed.

Impressed by Samiti’s work, the then LG of Delhi Shri Romesh Bhandari allotted a plot for Samiti’s center. While all these activities and small projects continued, in late 1980s, the Nand Nagri center started tuition/coaching center for school going children on experimental basis.

The Beginning of Sponsor a Child in India Program

As the work got more serious, a survey conducted showed that many a children would drop out from schools owing to poverty or the parents being migrant workers. In order to retain children in schools and support their education, in 1994 the center carried out a comprehensive survey of the population.

After several deliberations and discussions on the outcome of the survey, it was decided that a holistic development programme for these children be devised in which, they will not only be retained in their respective schools but also groomed into nice youngsters.

Thus was born, what we call, "Sponsor a Child in India" program.

Under this scheme, a donor sponsors a child at the center, who in turns gets remedial education, regular healthcare, supplementary nutrition and opportunity to be part of a host of personality and talent polishing opportunities and educational trips.

All these years, the idea has really grown big and is having an impact on the people. The efforts of LKS teams have transformed the neighborhood. Hundreds of lives transformed into good and productive citizens, earners and achievers. Many more success stories are in making and hopefully this work shall continue in future as well.

Impressed by the change, this programme has made at grassroots and inspired many others, the Government of India’s Ministry of Women & Child Development recognized it with the National Award for Child Welfare for the year 2009.

It was presented to LKS General Secretary on 14th November’2010 by the President of India, in recognition of valuable services rendered to the Community in the field of child welfare.

What Happens When You Donate For Our Sponsor a Child Program?

Since its formal inception, about 4400 children have received sponsorship from people across India and abroad. The children from nursery to class 10 come to center in two shifts—morning and afternoon as per their school timings. Apart from remedial education, they receive a compulsory annual healthcare check up, and from time to time receive accessories like school bags, shoes etc.

The co-curricular activities aimed at nurturing the knowledge and talent among children is also a high priority. The center works on annual activity calendars, which include a host of activities, celebrations of all important national and religious occasions, knowledge quest like painting & essay competitions, debates, educational tours and participation in youth & children festivals.

Music, drama, dance, folk songs, fancy dress competitions, street plays, making of greeting cards, pot painting etc are some of the other holistic development elements that have become part of a child’s life at LKS. In order to motivate children, the center is also giving awards and prizes to meritorious students each year.

While these routine activities go on, the center like the early days has kept the communication channels with the community open through parent meetings, self-help groups, community volunteers, community service programs, workshops on improving quality of life and campaigns against social evils.

The children coming out are ambassadors of hope and goodwill. This is a unique child and community development programme and hopefully a model fit to replicate elsewhere. Sponsor a Child in India Now.

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